Facebook EdgeRank Optimization


Consider this: more than 90% of all Facebook comments and Likes are coming from the newsfeeds rather than an actual Facebook Page. The reality is most Facebook fans do not come back to the actual Facebook Page, rather the key to visibility is via your news feed.

EdgeRank Optimization =

News Feed Optimization

Facebook shows the most interesting stories in the news feed using an algorithm called EdgeRank. In order to manipulate the rank you need to succeed in gaining page views, likes and comments. In fact there is a small handful of important factors used by Facebook to establish EdeRank:

Facebook Edgerank

Edgerank Ranking Factors:

Timing: This makes sense as older news tends to be quickly pushed to the bottom of the news feed. More recent or “newer” news items are more valued by Facebook than older news.

Affinity: This metric takes into account how the object is being treated by the broader Facebook community – likes, comments, views, etc. More comments and likes general define a higher affinity score and further increases your chance to get into the Top News section.

Weight: The overall weight of the type of object is also evaluated. For example, a video would carry more ‘weight’ and thus importance in Facebook’s eyes than a picture or even an audiofile.

Relevancy: This metric evaluates the level of relationship between you and your friends / fans / customers. For example, fresh content with deep interactions between fans and page owners increase the relevancy factor.

All of these factors are used by Facebook to determine the Edge Rank of every object on Facebook.


Tips to Get on the Top News Feed:

So, what can you do to grow your authority and increase your EdgeRank? Taking the above ranking factors into account, here are a few ideas:

On Your Facebook Page:

  • Think beyond the text post. Try to integrate video and photos as often as possible.
  • Encourage fan interactions without being pushy in order to increase likes and comments
  • Simply ask questions to your fans and friends that offer easy answers.
  • Facebook polls have become a simple and easy  way to increase engagement.
  • Analyze your Facebook Insights to gauge and monitor your audience.
  • Post company trivia, quizzes, and games to encourage and increase fan engagement.
  • Pay extra attention to keeping the dialogue alive longer.
  • When a picture or video is not available, consider including a link within your updates.

Think beyond Facebook.com:

  • Integrate Open Graph tags and widget into your website, blog.
  • Promote your Facebook offline through promotions or contests.
  • Incorporate the Send Button into your website content.
  • Leverage optimal placement of Facebook Like and Send buttons on your website to increase ‘Likes’.
(Source article by JON CLARK/pictures below)
Read more: http://onlyfacebook.com/2011/06/edgerank-simple-tips-to-optimize-your-facebook-feed/#ixzz1xn9vX39p

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