HootSuite And Google + Pages

How To Configure Your Google+ Page With Your HootSuite.com Account 

(In 9 Easy Steps)

1) Log in to your HootSuite  Dashboard Account (HootSuite for Social Media )

2) In a separate web browser tab, log into your Google account.  (If you have multiple Google accounts for yourself or your clients, make sure are connected to the target Google+ account at this time.)

3) Inside your Dashboard, look to your left.  Click on your profile picture which will take you into your profile area.

4) From within your profile, scroll down to the  section called “My Social Networks”.  You will then see: “Add a Social Network  Click on that link.

5) You will see a small window pop up which shows various options for you to choose in setting up additional Social Networks within your account.  Choose  the Google+ Pages option.

6)  Now click  on the “Connect with Google+” button.

7) You will see a small window open requesting permission to “connect” your accounts.  Click on  “Allow Access”.

7) If you are logged into your Google account, HootSuite will automatically detect your Google+ Page. Click on the  page and then click: “Finished Importing”.

8 ) After that window closes, double check the connection was made by reviewing your active social networks at the top of your page.  You should see your newly created Google+ Page icon added to the menu.

9)  At this point you should be ready to go… create a new test message and post away!


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