Google Adds More Not Provided Keywords In Analytics

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“It looks like the percentage of keywords that are listed as “not provided” in your Google Analytics account is going to keep going up, as Google is reportedly moving to switch all users to secure search regardless of whether or not they’re signed in. 

Have you noticed an increase in the amount of keywords that are labeled as not provided? Let us know in the comments. 

As I’m sure you’ll recall, Google launched SSL Search on as the default for signed in users about two years ago, claiming it was a move to protect user privacy. This had an unfortunate side effect for webmasters, as it means that those searching with this experience do not have any keyword data to contribute. Google masks the search terms these people use under the “Not Provided” label, and for a lot of sites, this tends to account for the majority of their search traffic.


This becomes problematic for detailed Analytics results within your marketing campaign and tends to be, quite frankly, frustrating.  With that said, there are alternate routes to gather this information if your SEO Campaign Manager is persistent and given the latitude via adequate SEO Service Packages.


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