Matt Cutts Talks Duplicate Content


In the video provided above Matt Cutts gets into a bit more detail on how Duplicate Content SEO Issues can differ from actually providing something (which might match another specification list) identical but without value WITH something that might have a portion identical but you add value to that post or page which makes you stand out from the “fly-by-night” crowds.


I’ll include a snip-it from the original article below:


” Google’s Matt Cutts has a new video out about duplicate content, a subject he has discussed many times in the past. If you have a site that you use to sell a product that other sites also sell, and are concerned that pages listing the “ingredients” of said product will be seen as duplicate content, this one’s for you.

Cutts takes on the following submitted question:

What can e-commerce sites do that sell products which have an ingredients list exactly like other e-commerce sites selling the same product to avoid Google as seeing it as duplicate content?”



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