Google and Your Market Are Not Static



The folks over at Search Engine Land have some very good points on why it is imperative to continuously work to better your Search Marketing Campaigns with your SEO Technicians. I’d like to share the following clip with our readers.




“Challenge #1:

Most of my clients want to gain market share, traffic and results. They forget about first having to defend last year’s results and traffic!

You don’t “own” your ranking on search engines or the traffic that comes from it. Everything is fluid and dynamically changing. Other businesses (i.e., your competition) are constantly trying to steal your traffic, sales, and market share.

All the while, you must cope with the ever-changing environment — evolving technologies, Google’s shifting algorithms, behavioral changes in your market, new apps and devices, etc.

If your website ranked well and pulled in a flood of organic traffic last year (or earlier this year), that doesn’t automatically mean that this happy state of affairs will continue into next year. Without a plan to defend past results and a strategy to fight night and day against fresh competition, you can’t expect to continue seeing upward trends in Google Analytics — or profit curves that move in a positive direction.

The message is clear:

  • Allocate money and resources in your 2014 budget to defend your visibility, traffic, conversions and sales.
  • Competition is stiff and getting fiercer day by day.
  • Companies without a defensive strategy could lose — and maybe even go bankrupt.
  • “Business as usual” is a losing approach. Foresight and good judgment are critical.
  • SEO isn’t “click and install.” You can’t leave it “as is.” It’s a continuous process.
  • SEO strategies are in constant flux. Last year’s methods may not work. Your techniques might need fine-tuning or even a total makeover.”



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