Google to Devalue Sites with Pop-Ups

While there is still time to plan accordingly with your marketing campaigns, this news might throw a wrench in a few existing campaigns.


Google to Devalue Sites with Pop-Ups & Interstitials in Mobile Search Results-


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“Google is finally making the leap to target sites that are giving searchers a poor user experience by devaluing sites using all kinds of pop-ups and mobile interstitials – including fake interstitials.  Starting early next year, Google will not rank pages with intrusive interstitials as highly as those without.  And more importantly, this includes pop-ups that trigger either when viewing the search results or while scrolling the page.

This is something many searchers have complained.  When Google introduced the signal where those pages with app interstitials would lost their mobile friendly tag and boost in the search results, many sites switched over to a “fake interstitial” where instead of the page people were expected, they served what appeared to be an interstitial that lead many to believe that the app was required to view the content, but if they continued to scroll down, the real content would eventually display.  This definitely went against the spirit of the app interstitial change.

Now, these types of fake app interstitials will no longer rank as highly, starting on January 10, 2017.”

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