The Death of Google Plus

Google Plus is officially dead.

The announcement generated a lot of news when Google released its declaration in October.

And Google Plus made even more news when we found out about another data breach.

However, Google Plus was really dead long before Google announced it.

The death of Google Plus really shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone.

It has been on life support for years now.

Now what might be surprising for some is that Google Plus, though typically described as a failed social network, was never primarily a social network at all.

If Google Plus Wasn’t a Social Network, What Was It?

Google Plus was never really intended to be a place to share life updates, cat videos, and historically inaccurate memes with your friends.

Sure, it got lumped in with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest; but in reality, Google+ was developed as an identity service, which may have a lot more to do with its life and death than an inability to compete with say, Facebook.

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