Use Email Marketing to Boost Your SEO

None of the channels in a digital marketing strategy should exist in a vacuum.

They’re all connected in some way, and using those connections to your advantage can help you maximize your results on each.

Unfortunately, many marketers’ approach to this is simply aiming for consistent branding and messaging on each channel. And while it is important to create cohesive campaigns, that’s only the beginning.

Still, the potential impact each channel can have on another isn’t always immediately obvious — like with email and SEO.

But that doesn’t mean the connection isn’t there.

Keep reading to learn five ways email marketing can impact SEO, and how you can use each of those impacts to improve your SEO campaign results.

1. Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website

One of the most obvious benefits of an email campaign is that it can drive traffic to your site.

But the emphasis here should be on qualified traffic, or visitors who are likely to make some sort of conversion after they arrive.

One of the best ways to do this is with personalization.

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