Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update For January

Google may have pushed out their first larger Google search algorithm update of 2019 over this weekend. It may have started around January 5th or 6th and it seems to be continuing on through today – the 7th. There is both chatter within the SEO community and ranking tools validating the shifts in the Google search results.

The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread starting having some chatter on January 6th based on some movement this past Friday, the 4th. Here is some of that chatter:

Big changes happening in the serps since Friday for us. Anyone noticing an uptick or downward slide of long tail referrals? First time we’ve seen much since the big changes in August/September.

My site is on a rollercoaster right now. Increased traffic over the last few days, significant rankings increase across the board yesterday, then a smaller drop back today.

Big uptick today, and I knew it was coming because on every update I get a sudden burst of inquiries from customers. If the pattern holds, this will be temporary and tomorrow or next day drop right back down….we’ll see

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