Internal Links Are Vital to SEO

Links and content.

We know these are the two driving factors behind search rankings and visibility. There have been numerous studies on the subject, and a Google employee even flat out said this is the case.

Because of the importance of content and links, most site owners focus the majority of their optimization efforts on publishing quality content and then securing relevant links to those pages — a sound SEO strategy. If you’re interested in following through with that strategy, we published a 15 step guide to link building that might interest.

This post will focus on the internal.

However, I’ve noticed a common mistake among the prospective clients we see at Page One Power that is holding many sites back. Some of the clients that come to us are so focused on earning external links from other sites they neglect the internal links on their own website. Link building should come last — technical and onpage SEO elements such as internal linking need to be optimized first.

Why Are Internal Links Important For SEO?

While external links are half of the “links and content” recipe for search success, you can’t ignore links internally on your own site. Internal links are important because they:

  • Guide search crawlers.
  • Direct link equity.
  • Impact usability and SEO.

Let’s walk through each point individually.

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