Social Brand Check-Up


*Limited Time Offer

Social Brand Check-Up Package = $49


For only $49 you will receive 3 invaluable reports:

1 – Social Media Check-Up – Find out what sites your brand is currently affiliated with; and what ones it is not. How many potential customers are you missing out on by not actively engaging on social media websites, or worse yet by not even being listed on them? You’ll receive a listing for all major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit etc…) as well as industry specific social media sites (when applicable).  How effectively are you using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in your marketing?

2 – Local Listing Report – Shop local is not just a passing fad – it is hear to stay! Whether you offer a service or a product, local clients are the best! Find out what local listing sites (SuperPages, Yelp, Bing Local, Foursquare, Yelp, Etc…) your customers are finding you on. More importantly find out where they are not finding you!

3 – Competitor Ranking – Find out how you stack up against the competition. This report will show your rankings on various points side by side with your main competition. Provide us the URL/Domain Name of your closest competitor(s) and we’ll show you where you need to focus to surpass them.  If competition isn’t your thing we can simply compare your web presence to that of one of your co-workers/fellow industry folk. Whichever you prefer!


Click on our Buy Now button to get started today!  Please include the URL domain names of your top 3 competitors as well as a valid contact email address for your website (used for delivery of final reports within 24-48 hours)